"Bold, experimental, multilingual theater exploring the role of individuals within society."

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On Super Bowl Sunday, d
uring the last day of her life,
an old lady looks back at what it has meant for her to be a woman.

...And it hasn't been pretty.

This work was created in part through The Field's Artist Residency Program,
supported by the Lambent Foundation, and Chashama.

Made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo
and the New York State Legislature, The Yip Harburg Foundation and the
Puffin Foundation.

This project is made possible in part by the Queens Council on the Arts with public funds from
the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

Thanks to
"First Acts" sponsors New York Community Bank, the Natalie Bailey and Herbert Kirshner Foundation,
the Kupferberg Center for the Performing Arts, and Queens College.

Photo by Cecilia DeBucourt.

Lighting Designer: Miguel Ángel Valderrama
Set Designer and Props: Jorge Dieppa
Acting Director: Alejandra Orozco
Stage Manager: Antígona González
Press Agent: OFF OFF PR/Paul Siebold

* * * *

A one-act play about love... and the fucking economy.

Photo by Francisco Lupini.

"VERTIGO" premiered on January 30, 2014, at a private house
in DUMBO, Brooklyn, as part of the monthly Tertulia Latina salon.

* * * *


THE ORPHANS rocks Brazil!

SOLD-OUT SHOWS in São Paulo, Brazil, September 1st and 2nd!

Check out this great interview to Karina Casiano by María Eugenia de Menezes
for the O Estado do São Paulo newspaper (in Portuguese,) who said:
"every encounter of the two performers takes the shape of a visceral pas de deux."

We were honored to be a part of the first Latino International Theater Festival of New York/
SESC-São Paulo International Cultural Engagement Partnership, alongside the amazing
Limón Dance Company and Bobby Sanabria and Cuarteto Aché. A million thanks
to the wonderful Brazilian producers, presenters and staff and to the Teatro StageFest team!

 Karina Casiano, Daniel Irizarry and La MaMa E.T.C. were nominated for a
2011 NY Innovative Theater Award
  for Outstanding Choreography.

About THE ORPHANS premiere at La MaMa in December 2010, Backstage said: 

“An unusual blend of physical theater, science fiction, and political parable...
'The Orphans' twists the formula

“…everything significant is conveyed through
graceful, stylized, 
and seemingly gravity-defying movement

Karina Casiano wears a lot of hats here…-along with the dynamic Daniel Irizarry
but she also 
has the chops and clarity of vision to pull it off.

(Read the whole review by A.J. Mell

The New York Theater Review said: 

“The story is told through
death-defying contact improvisation with walls,
set pieces, and finally each other.” 

“Both performers'
stunning and minutely-specific physical control 
is consistent and equally impressive throughout the performance.”

(Read the whole review by J. Christoperson HERE.)

Written by Karina Casiano   Original idea by Karina Casiano and Jorge Dieppa 
Performed by Renzo Ampuero* and Karina Casiano 
Choreography: Daniel Irizarry, Karina Casiano and Renzo Ampuero 
Set Design: Jorge Dieppa     Lighting Design: María Cristina Fusté
Costume Design: Awymarie Riollano    Props and Special Effects: Antón Lago 
Music: Andrés Rotmistrovsky    Stage Manager: Edna Lee Figueroa
Technical Director: Miguel Ángel Valderrama  
Photos: Marlon Krieger.

* Appears courtesy of Actors Equity Association. 


Or watch on YouTube HERE.

Video (by Laura Butler) features Karina Casiano and Daniel Irizarry during the premiere production of "The Orphans,"

Originally produced by La MaMa E.T.C., in December 2010.
"The Orphans" is made possible with public funds from the New York State Council for the Arts, 
celebrating 50 years of building strong, creative communities in New York State's 62 counties.
And by the support of  Puffin Foundation, The Yip Harburg Foundation and John Soto.


Previous Works by La Criatura:

Silence Is Health / Silencio es Salud

The audience said:
"Visually stunning!"

"Timely. Disturbing. Powerful."

"Sexy and terrifying!"

"Feels like being inside a movie!"


 February 22 - March 5, 2006, CSV Cultural Center, Lower East Side, New York City
May 16 - June 11, 2006, Old Citibank Building (chashama@Queens,) Long Island City, New York

A site-specific documentary play by Karina Casiano, Silence Is Health / Silencio es Salud seeks to
shed light onto mass psychology, fear, individualism and oblivion.
Based on official documents,
testimonies, historical research and the analysis of similar periods in the recent history of Argentina,
Guatemala, Chile, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Israel and the United States, the chilling play is an
aesthetic approach to the pressing debate on human rights, warning us of the symptoms of a
horrific pattern too often repeated throughout History. For more images, go to

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