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What our audience says:  

“(Silence Is Health is) a mix of horror fun house-meets-cinema vérité. We were in awe with the staging, the good taste and the timely politics of the play. La Criatura troupe is truly developing world-class stuff ...and presenting it in English and Spanish!  This is what independent theater in NY could be.”

Libertad Guerra (Anthropologist) and Montxo López, (History Professor, Hunter College, CUNY)

“It was totally magnetic, very inviting, and full of dread. Each time we went into a new space, something more powerful happened. It was all very vivid. At one time I got annoyed at having to go up and down the stairs, but it passed quickly: there are people in prisons being tortured and starving and being obliterated by my government …and I'm ANNOYED? The anguish of the play was so far beyond what you ever see on Broadway. I had never seen many of these things in the theatre before. You have all bitten into my heart with your ferocious teeth and I do not expect that you will be letting go for a long time.” 

Brad Butler , Stage Lighting Designer 

“An excellent idea and a magnificent staging! I could not imagine why you would want the audience to move, but seeing the play, I realized why. It was perfect! Congratulations! Keep going. You have a whole lot more to offer.”

Rodolfo  Queebleen, Playwright and Editor, Hora Hispana Magazine, The Daily News                                                                                                                    

“Congratulations on Silence Is Health / Silencio es Salud. Everything -the performances, the staging and the direction- was powerful and moving. I was engaged by it every single moment. Thrilling! It is evident that many people worked hard to make it possible, and it's really inspiring to see innovative and thought-provoking work by people from our generation. Looking forward to see many more productions by La Criatura.  Kudos!”

José Antonio Cruz, Associate Producer and Director of Audience Development & Public Relations, Spanish Repertory Theater, New York

“I enjoyed the performances as well as the overall theme of the piece. The issue of government-sponsored torture, the definition and even the purpose of torture are all problems that have not gotten adequate discussion in the U.S. The location is great. I am glad to see that building used in such an interesting way. I enjoyed Silence is Health and look forward to your next effort."

Peter Neddo, Filmmaker

“The play was as disturbing as we need it to be. I was in awe with the images you were able to create and the use of the space left me astonished. I thought of saying hi afterwards but I preferred to savor the last image of the bride running away. I was much moved.”                                      

Eva Vásquez, Playwright and Scholar, CUNY

Watch a video clip of Silence Is Health/Silencio es Salud HERE.

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